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Indian food in ChiangMai

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Japanese food in ChiangMai

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Thai food in ChiangMai

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    ChiangMai’s restaurants offer the variety of styles and dishes to make you feel right at home. Whether it be Western food, such as Italian, French, American, and German; or Asian, such as Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese and Chinese, ChiangMai has it all.

    KhumKaew Palace Khantoke

    The northern traditional treasure of Lanna atmosphere. Experience and meet the charming people of northern Thailand at the KhumKaew Palace Khantoke - Home of the Lanna heritage.

    Thai Kitchen Cookery School

    The only Thai cookery school where you learn real Thai cooking completely hand on - with instructions in excellent English by the Chef Tim and his family.

    The Red Lion English Pub & Restaurant

    A firm favourite with locals and tourists alike, The Red Lion features an air-conditioned bar as well as a pleasant terrace over-looking the vibrant ChiangMai Night Bazaar.

    Smiling Monkey Pub & Restaurant

    Tasty Thai food and a wide range of refreshing drinks in an enchanting atmosphere.

    White Lotus Restaurant & Bar

    Featuring the best cheeseburgers, cold draft beer and pub darts in Chiang Mai.

    And then, of course, there’s the Thai and Northern Thai dishes that every visitor who truly wants to experience Chiang Mai must try.... Thai food, as Thai culture, is a blend of different tastes and spices from several countries. Ingredients from India and China have been mixed and matched through the passage of time into what is now known as Thai food.

    Most Thai dishes have a strong and spicy taste, some of the favorites being as follows; Somtom, a papaya salad mixed with peppers, tomatoes, peanuts, shrimp, and lime; Tom Yam, a spicy, sour soup that is made with chicken, pork, shrimp, or beef; and of course, the many different curries. These, however, are only a small representation of the many delicious dishes that Thailand has to offer.

    Northern food offers a variation from Thai food, as it is a blend of both local and Burmese tastes. Most of the spices used in Northern dishes originated in Burma, thus giving Northern dishes a distinct smell and taste.

    Some of the popular Northern dishes indude the following: Nam Prik Ong, which has a sweet, sour, and spicy taste, is made from minced pork, mixed with pepper sauce, and tomatoes; Nam Prik Num, stronger in taste and made from barbecued peppers and anchovies; Larp Koi, made from minced pork or beef, mixed with peppers and other spices, is eaten with fresh vegetables; and Khow Soy, a Chinese - Muslim egg noodle dish filled with chunks of beef and chicken and lightly sprinkled with coconut cream and garnished with garlic and crispy noodles. Again, this is only a small representation of the complete list of Northern food.


    As most Thai people prefer to eat breakfast at home, the majority of restaurants and shops remain closed until later in the morning. In the downtown area, there are some restaurants which serve early breakfasts, and almost all of the hotels and guest houses do provide a breakfast service. There are also numerous shops and vendors that sell X shaped pastries called ‘patangkoh’ and a porridge called ‘joke’ as local Thai breakfasts. In addition, markets and shops sell breads and fruits along with Thai and Northern foods.


    Lunch time offers a variety of choices for dining. All-you-can-eat buffets at large hotels feature Western, Chinese, and Japanese foods at between 80-200 baht per person. There are also many restaurants featuring foods of all types. And of course, there are the noodle shops located almost everywhere throughout the city.


    It is the time when almost all the restaurants around the city are in full swing. Whether you plan to dine Italian or Indian, ChiangMai’s dinner- time restaurants provide the array of dishes to satisfy your tastes. At this time there are also food gardens which offer a variety of dishes among a pleasant atmosphere of both light and live music. A little note on the dress—in Thailand you are not expected to dress up for dinner at a restaurant, although you may certainly do so if you wish.


    It is also possible to sample Northern dishes at one of the 'Kantoke Dinners' in ChiangMai. At this event, visitors are seated in the floor around a circular tray with Northern dishes on it and eat while watching traditional Thai and Northern dances and hill tribe culture shows. Kantoke Dinners provide a good way to get to know both the Northern food and culture at the same time.

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