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    Chiang is a directory of products and services in Chiang Mai. Itís divided in categories and sub-categories for an easy use by any visitor. Every time an Internet user access our directory, itís a potential customer for your business.

    What do we provide with an inclusion in our directory ?

    a) information about your business:

  • description of your business
  • detailed products/services
  • b) your contact address (actual business address) and your own e-mail address : YOURBUSINESS@CHIANGMAI-ONLINE.COM (an Internet postbox).

    Consider it : you can print your e-mail address on your business card, you can give it to your customers, business contacts, suppliers,...

    (If you have an e-mail address with an Internet service provider, a professional marking address is likely to look better).

    This means :

    a) Customers who donít know you, but are looking for a certain category of business in our directory, will easily find yours and access your electronic booth.

    b) Customers who see your e-mail address on your business card can contact you any time from anywhere.We forward your e-mails to your fax machine : 10 Baht/each or (automated) to your access provider's personal e-mail address.

    If you want more information don't hesitate to contact us

    2/9-10 NakornPing Tower
    Rachapruek Rd. T. ChangPuak
    Chiang Mai 50300
    Tel. (053) 404 220-1 / Fax (053) 404 072

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