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    Jungle Bungy Jump

    Jump Tower 50mtrs. (165 ft.) over clear water situated conveniently close to Chiang Mai at Mae Rim. Bungy Jump sites in Thailand are fully insured and accident free since opening in 1992.

    If you want to keep up an exercise programme or continue in a sport while abroad, you won’t be at loss while visiting in Chiang Mai. Most first class hotels have fitness centers, health clubs, swimming pools, and saunas—all available to guests at no extra charge. If your accommodations do not provide such services, there are health clubs around the city that welcome visitors. The average non-member price for the use of facilities is 100 baht per person.

    There are also many swimming pools in Chiang Mai which welcome visitors. The non- member rate of admission is usually about 20-50 baht per person.


    There are many great places to jog in Chiang Mai. Try one of the public parks such as the arboretum at the base of Suthep Mountain, the Buak Hard Park on Bumrungburi Rd., ), the Fitness Park near the Maharaj Hospital. These are all open to the public without admission cost and provide the chance to get some exercise in relaxing natural surroundings. There are also tracks located at Chiang Mai University and at the Chiang Mai stadium.


    Though Chiang Mai is mountainous and land-locked, it provides the opportunity to enjoy such recreational sports as jetskiing and windsurfing. Jetskiing facilities charge an hourly rate of 700-900 per person. Wind surfing can be enjoyed at the Huay Dterng Tao Lake, part of the Agricultural Development Center on the Chiang Mai - Mae Rim Highway. Boards are rented for 100 baht an hour, but as there is no telephone number you will have to take your chance at having one available for you when you get to the lake.


    For those who love speed, there are two go cart tracks in Chiang Mai. One is located on the Chiang Mai-Hang Dong Highway, and the other is on the Chiang Mai-Sankampaeng Rd. On average, go carts are rented for 150, 250, and 500 baht per ten minutes, depending on the size and type of go cart.


    Chiang Mai has a total of five golf clubs, ranging from 9 to 18 hole greens. The green and caddy fees vary from place to place and are cheaper on weekdays than on weekends. There are golf clubs and electric cars for rent. Chiang Mai also has three driving ranges, which charge from between 25-30 baht for a tray of 50-60 balls. addresses


    There are several tennis courts for you to choose from in Chiang Mai. These open their facilities to guests as well as to regular members. Knockers (playing partners) are available on request. The cost for renting a court ranges from 40 to 80 baht per hour. addresses


    The physical Education College, located on the Sanarm Kila Rd., opens their shooting range to the public on Tuesdays-Sundays from between 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Gun rental and ammunition prices vary. HORSE RlDlNG Chiang Mai has several horse riding clubs –some providing opportunities for equestrian and race track practice and others offering horse-trekking tours to waterfalls, lakes, and the like. The cost of tours obviously depends on distance covered and time taken, while the cost of equestrian and race track practice averages 300 baht per hour.


    These clubs have almost everything when it comes to physical fitness. Weight rooms, aerobics, tennis, swimming, jogging parks, squash and much, much more can be found there. Some clubs have accommodations and restaurants, making a kind of sports hotel for those keen on getting their exercise.


    The Physical Education College has badminton (other addresses), table tennis, volleyball, and basketball courts for use by the public. If you are alone in Chiang Mai and looking for some competition, you may want to try this place.

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