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    Jungle Bungy Jump

    Jump Tower 50mtrs. (165 ft.) over clear water situated conveniently close to Chiang Mai at Mae Rim. Bungy Jump sites in Thailand are fully insured and accident free since opening in 1992.


    College of Thai Massage Therapy - Chiang Mai

    Learn to give a relaxing and therapeutic Thai massage in small classes with emphasis on rhythmic and meditative massage techniques.


    Thai Kitchen Cookery School

    The only Thai cookery school where you learn real Thai cooking completely hand on - with instructions in excellent English by the Chef Tim and his family.


    Chiang Mai Carnival Tour

    Tours and treks with experienced guides - All the sights in and around Chiang Mai.

    Chiang Mai Nature Tour, Ltd Part.

    Birdwatching - Cave Expeditions - Off-Road Adventure. Exclusive trips/treks combining knowledge of ethnic people with ecological skills.

    Next Door Tour - Chiang Mai

    The dependable tour agency. City & area sight-seeing, trekking, car rental. Chiangmai - Chiangrai - Lamphoon - Mae Hong Son - Lampang.

    Topper Tour - Chiang Mai

    A wide variety of interesting tours & exciting treks - all at the best prices !

    Chiang Mai Tours and Routes

    Suggested itineraries and programmes.


    Neu Speed Car Rent / Taxi Service

    A favourite car rental company among visitors and long term stayers alike. Unparralleled service, free delivery anywhere in Chiang Mai, mechanics on call 24 hours.

    Currently, there are about 30 rental businesses operating in the city of Chiang Mai. Cars, vans, motorcycles, and bicycles are available for hire at most of these rentals.

    Insurance for cars is available at the majority of rental businesses. Before renting, it is wise to obtain the information regarding costs and claims, should any damage be done to the vehicle while it is in your care. This is especially true if you are planning to take the vehicle on a long trip. Vehicles are rented for a time period, without limit put on the mileage. The only conditions are that you pay for the gas the vehicle uses and return it safely and on time. Most businesses will also require that you deposit your passport as a guarantee of the punctual and safe return of the vehicle. Needless to say, you should have a driverís license - international or from your home country, and a clear understanding of the rules of the road before renting a vehicle. Because of the variety of vehicles that use the roads, Chiang Mai traffic is quite unlike that of anywhere else. It may take a lot of getting used to, and it may be a good idea to first observe the traffic from the passengerís point of view (renting a car with driver) before taking over at the wheel.


    Most car rentals (car, jeep, or van) are scattered throughout the area of the Chang Klan, Loi Kroh, Chaiyaphum, Ratwithi, Moonmuang, and Kotchasam Rds. Some rental companies also have branches at large hotels, thus making it possible for you to rent through your hotel. Prices range from 800 baht for a jeep to 1000-1,800 baht for a luxury car, and depend on the age, size, and style of the vehicle. A chauffeur will cost an additional fee. It is also possible to rent a vehicule by the month at a slightly lower rate.


    Motorcycles available for rent range from the smaller 90 and 100 c.c.s to the larger 125 -1,000 c.c.s Suzukis, Yamahas, Kawasakis, and the more popular Hondas are all available for rent. The cost for hiring a smaller bike such as the Honda Dream, ranges from 100- 160 baht, while the cost for renting a larger bike, such as the MTX or the AXl ranges from 180-700 baht. If you are renting for several days, ask for a reduced rate. For those with lots of experience and a reliable map, the motorbike is a great way to see "whatís over the next hill."


    Bicycles, though harder to find for hire, are an economical way to tour the city. Most bicycle rental shops are located on the Chaiyaphum Rd. and near the Thapae Gate. Bicycles are usually rented for 25 baht a day.

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