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    When shopping in Chiang Mai, one must consider the many handicrafts that are part of the cityís history. Made with workmanship skills that have been passed down from generation to generation, these beautiful crafts are a good representation of Chiang Maiís proud Lanna heritage. Umbrellas made of sa paper, hilltribe crafts with bold colors, fabrics of countless types, delicate ceramics (celadons), replicated and genuine antiques, dazzling jewelry and gems, silverware of all sorts, lacquers with intricate designs, rattan and wickerwork, and woodcarvings ranging from pictures to furniture are only a part of the long list of crafts and arts that help to make Chiang Mai so special. Each individual piece of workmanship requires painstaking attention to detail and design in the process of its creation. Owning one of Chiang Maiís traditional crafts is a sure way to take back tangible memories of your visit to Chiang Mai.

    Shopping in well lighted and charming showrooms.

    Baan Celadon

    Buy the best quality celadon-ceramics products in Chiang Mai at Baan Celadon, Ltd, Part.

    Ban-Kern Lacquerware

    Producer - Wholesaler and Exporter of Thai Lacquerware. Boxes, Figurines, Picture Frames, Show Plates, Napkin Rings, Vases,...

    Chofa Gallery

    Asian and European antique furniture and historical documents about Siam. Where West meets East. Unique works of art with Oriental inspiration from Western, Thai and other Asian artists.

    Fang Gallery

    Fang Gallery - Chiang Mai - Drawings of quality in Chiang Mai.

    Kind Cat Candle

    Exclusive series of handmade candles handicrafted for those who deserve something special.

    Mom Bamboo

    Bamboo furniture made from unique bamboos found in the deep forests of northern Thailand. Bamboo polo chairs, stools, tables,...

    SangThong Preserved fruit

    The oldest preserved fruit factory in Chiang Mai province. Established 1956. Exporting dried food products to customers in nearly every Asian country.

    Shiraz Jewelry

    The Jewelry Shop of choice for the residents of Chiang Mai, local as well as foreign - 17 years of service and trust.


    (Highway 1006) The largest and most popular of the local handicraft factories are situated along a 13 km stretch of the Chiang Mai - Sankampaeng Road. Both sides of the road are lined with factories and showrooms which give you the opportunity to both observe the production of the crafts and purchase your favorites. When shopping, this is certainly the best area to visit.- Thai silk, cotton, lacquers, ceramics, leather products, silverware, umbrellas, woodwork, jewelry, and antiques can all be found along this road. Due to the increased shortage of antiques, artists have turned to creating replicas of old antiques which portray the same beauty and characteristics as the genuine ones- There is no attempt to pass off these neo-antiques as genuine. The famous Bor Sang Village, which sells umbrellas and woodcarvings, is also located on this road.

    In cottage industries, young women manufacture silk umbrellas and sah paper parasols.


    This area begins at the Chiang Mai-Hang Dong intersection, and continues until the km. 15 post marker. This area is best known for its many antique shops. There are also woodcarving, lacquers, ceramic, silver, and bamboo craft stores along this route. In addition, on km, 15 of this road, lies Tawai Village, which is famous for its woodwork. It s a good place to observe carvings and neo-antiques being made, as well as being sold at cheap, wholesale prices.


    This road is famous for being home to generations of silversmiths. It is here that much silverware is produced and sent to shops all over the city to be sold. If you are in search of high quality, Chiang Mai style silverware with expert workmanship, then this is the place to visit. In addition to silver, there is also lacquers, antiques, ceramics, and silk available on this road.


    As for those who desire to observe crafts being made in their traditional surroundings, the different craft villages are a good place to visit. Apart from the umbrella village of Bor Sang, and the Tawai woodcarving village, there is also the rattan and wickerwork village of Hang Dong, the ceramic village of Muangkung, and the cotton village of Nong Aab Chang which specializes in natural dyes. These villages also give the opportunity for a good bargain.

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